Yoga Top Ballet Top Indigo Organic

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The Plant Dye Ballet Top is a one of a kind yoga wear, using the influence of ballet wear, to give the top a feminine grace, comfort and a piece you can wear not only to yoga but also as a casual top. Its organic material is not only comfortable but the bamboo flavour has so many properties which are very beneficial for health and well-being.

  • Its fit for yoga, or for casual wear, as it sits very well in all movements..
  • Slight ruching in the front to create a flattering effect.
  • The back has some fine details added to make the look more unique
  • Material is elastic enough to keep the bra area in place with a double layer, we have not added any elastic under the chest to provide maximum comfort. 
  • A piece perfect for yoga or as a casual top.
  • Free from chemicals, synthetic dyes and artificial bleaches
  • Plant dye Indigo is not only a beautiful colour but also very beneficial for the skin, effective odor-preventing dye, skin relief for people suffering from 
  • Fun facts The samurai wore indigo clothing to prevent wound infections, and firefighters favoured indigo fabric for its flame retardant properties.
  • Each piece is hand dipped and hand made.


Indigo, Yellow, Black/White

 Given the organic nature of our dyes, colours may vary in intensity according to the individual plants and fade naturally over time for a custom effect



Small, Medium, Large


65% Bamboo 25% Organic Cotton 10% Lycra




300 gram