Our Story

Beatrix D is a consciously-produced, creatively-driven yoga wear brand that unites style with sustainability.

Born from the desire to create beautiful clothing that is ethically produced, Beatrix D is handmade in Bali by a third-generation Indonesian tailor who is fairly compensated for his time and expertise. Ensuring waste is kept to a minimum, leftover fabric is reused to make pouches for your purchases.

Beautiful and durable by design, each Beatrix D piece is handcrafted from natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo or silk Featuring earthy muted tones and gorgeous patterns. Additionally our Organic Collection are created using pure vegetable dye, and 100% organic fabrics, each piece is wonderfully unique from the next.

 Meet The Yogi Designer


Beatrix.D was founded by seasoned yogi and world-traveller, Andrea Drottholm. Having studied fashion in her native Sweden, Andrea spent years traversing the globe, before settling in Bali and co-founding yoga and wellness centre, Samadi.

An extension of Andrea’s passion for contributing to the health and wellness of people and the environment, Beatrix.D is consciously created with heart and soul.