Clothing Care

Washing Instructions

Most of the clothes can be used in the washing machine 40 degrees up to 60 degrees. Maybe chose to use eco friendly washing detergents. Soap Nuts could be one of them.

To maintain the original colour the longest, turn the clothes inside out. Especially if it’s the Organic range as plant dyes will change colours and fade quicker, which is the beauty of the item, it has its own life, and the product changes its character with time.

Chemical dyes will stay longer, but has so much more damage to our environment. Try to avoid the dryer for the best and long lasting life span of your clothes. Hang and air dry is not only a eco friendly option but avoids disappointments such as shrinking.

Cotton & Bamboo
Natural cotton is easy to care for. Machine wash in cold water with other like colours. Skip the chlorine bleach and fabric softener, and reduce your eco footprint even more.

Supima Cotton
This is a very thin and delicate fabric. We strongly suggest that you handle these clothes with care, and perhaps even wash them by hand. Hang dry them and do not put them in a dryer, they will shrink.

Silk collection are very delicate items indeed. Silk should always be either handed to clean dry, or if smaller items that you can hand wash use shampoo and not detergent. Think of silk as hair. For ironing use a low temperature setting.

For the Yoga Wear to keep its stretch, its not advisable to iron your Yoga clothes.
If you hand them out to dry they should look as good as new again.