Organic Yoga Wear

We work towards a better future, a cleaner production of clothing, to create consciousness to where we decide to spend our money.

Beatrix D Organic collection, is all made in Bali, on fair trade basis. The fabrics chosen are sustainable, the colours we dye with are plant based.

The Tye Dye pieces are all unique and one of a kind as they are dyed one by one, so in fact very Artisan.

Beatrix D is looking to move towards ONLY using Organic, and sustainable fabrics, like:

Organic Cotton, Bamboo, and in the past we have also used Tenzel and Modal, which are produced by Lanzing in Austria LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibers have been certified with the EU Ecolabel as meeting high environmental standards throughout their life cycle: from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal.

We also strive to only use Plant Dyes for our colouring. Beatrix D works with CV. Tarum which, is a family-owned company in East Bali that creates the deep indigo colour and many other exciting beautiful natural colours for our Organic line.

Tarum embraces the Indonesian tradition of natural dyeing using local plants, leaves and roots from their own gardens, and applies the colour to our eco-friendly fabrics.

Since Beatrix D started in 2014, we have gone from 100% non organic fabrics, due to sustainable fabrics not being readily available at that time and being an unreliable source for production. We have today take pride to say that we have 60% of our Yoga Wear range Organic. I am hoping that by 2022 we can be 100% Organic.

The prices of production of Organic Yoga Wear, is almost double to the non organic.

The Plant Dyes that we use are expensive, but if we think hard about this, its not.

In order to produce plant dyes, there is a long process which requires a lot of preparation, both of the plants and the fabric. Each Tye Dye is unique, and I like to call it artisan, as it’s a work of an artist and one of a kind.

The non Organic Material and colours we use are the ones which will have a label saying:
90% Cotton 10% Lycra
100% Supima Cotton
100% Cotton

We choose not to dye the fabrics, we buy them already with the colours which sadly yes are chemicals. However we do not add our own colour pallet to the fabrics unless its plant dyed.

We hope you can see the value of not only wearing Beatrix D Organic line, but also how you commit to make better purchases that has less impact on the environment.